What is classic lashes?

Classic lashes or also known mink, silk lashes - are applied one by one on your natural lash. A variety of looks can be achieved with individual lash extensions and they are suitable for all ages and styles. To apply full Classic eyelash set takes up to 1h 30 min.


Russian volume Lashes?

 Russian volume also known as 2D 3D 4D 5 D 6 D lashes - are fast becoming the most popular eye treatments and are perfect for those that want a fuller, softer look with a certain depth. The lashes are much finer then individual lashes so between 2 to 6  bouquet of lashes are place on one of your natural lashes giving you a fuller more natural finish. I will therefore decide with the client on the volume of lashes we are looking to create. To apply full Russian volume eyelash set takes up to 2h 30 min\ Half set 1h 30 min.

Before the treatment I understand that every woman’s eyes are different so a full consultation before your treatment is essential. It is important to specify what you are aiming for to assess your natural lash condition and choose the best possible option for you.

I will take into consideration your eye and face shape to blend in eyelash extensions perfectly.

Patch test is required 24 h before treatment.

Russian volume full set natural look  (applies on one lash from 2D,3D lashes - 1.30 min) £60

Infills every 2 weeks £30

Infills every 3 weeks £35

Russian volume luxury look (4D,5D,6D and more - 2h) £80

Infills every 2 weeks £35

Infills every 3 weeks £45

Classic style (1h - 1h 30 min) £50

Infills every 2 weeks £30

Infills every 3 weeks £35


Eyebrow waxing, shaping, tinting £20

Eyebrow waxing, shaping £15

Chin, lip waxing £5 




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