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I ’m Alina. . .  

A mum, a wife, a beautician 
& I am a woman just like you. 

I began my career in the finance sector, but in 2012 I found my true calling and followed my heart straight into the beauty industry. 

I have studied makeup artistry with the most inspiring people at various private makeup classes and makeup schools in Europe and the UK. I am an international, published makeup artist and have worked in fashion, on movie sets, for music album covers & videos. I have also taken part in incredible photo shoots throughout my career. This varied experience has given me the ability to recommend makeup techniques and tips for my clients today, providing them with the knowledge and confidence to be the best version of themselves they can be.

"I believe that a confident woman on the outside will allow her to glow on the inside too. "


​ I am also fully trained and already having 10 years experience in eyelash extensions, qualifying in ‘Russian Volume’. I pride myself on applying lashes to suit the eye shape of my client. I understand the importance of not making eyes look too heavy or drooped and take great care to apply lashes with precision for weddings, holidays or daily wear. I do both full and single lash extensions and love how they transform a woman’s confidence. At the end of the day, a woman deserves to feel great each and every day!

The beauty industry is always changing, and I like to keep learning, so I already 4 years of experience in the permanent makeup world. I did finish PhiBrows academy in London for Microblading/ Hair Strokes & Sombre/Shading permanent eyebrow treatments.

All this experience has given me the ability to really get to know my clients, share my knowledge and style them, while providing beauty techniques that help them to feel amazing, both today and in the future.

 "I feel passionate about empowering women by making them look good. "

Since COVID-19, I became a Tropic ambassador. I have always loved natural, organic products, whether we are talking about food or beauty! It’s just in me! I was also always looking for something to recommend to my clients for everyday use, as this is a question I get asked a lot and I also realised the importance of combining great makeup with great skincare. This company is amazing. I am proud of everything they do, not least their dedication to a healthier, greener, more empowered world. I think theirs is a great example of how the beauty industry should look in the future. All the ingredients are freshly made from plants which makes it 100 % natural, vegan and cruelty-free. What’s more, it smells amazing! Prepare yourself for a luxury spa in the comfort of your own home with products that are all clinically tested and highly effective.

My make-up routine. As a busy mum of three, my own routine only takes about 5 minutes! I apply a thin amount of light foundation, brush my eyebrows up quickly and fill in the gaps with a pencil, then add a little gel eyeliner along my lash line, curl my lashes, then mascara, cream blush on cheeks and lips, lip balm on top and voila! 

While I love natural make-up, sometimes it’s fun to treat ourselves to a little extra. The right tone of lipstick coupled with a great dress can make us feel a million dollars. 

"In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget to treat ourselves and that’s where I come in! "

I have so many ideas and tips to share with you to help you feel like the woman you deserve to be. There are so many wonderful things available to women now and I have seen lash extensions and make-up singlehandedly transform a woman’s confidence. I love giving a woman the confidence to be who she wants to be!

Alina x 

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