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Wake up with perfect eyebrows every morning that frame your face, look more rested and increase your self-confidence. Avoid spending unnecessary time in front of the mirror.

Permanent eyebrow makeup, Colchester


microblading before & after


Microblading/Sombre (shading)  £179 was £250  

Microblading + Shading Combo £249 was £300

Top up if needed after 4-6 weeks time   £69 was £80

Yearly top up no less than 2 years £150

*Aftercare kit included

Free 10 -15 min consultation (checking eyebrow condition, short health questionnairewhich treatment to choose: sombre, micro balding or combo, answering questions, explaining treatment procedure & patch test).

Free 10 min phone consultation. Fill in the form and book a phone call before seeing me.

£50 - 1 hour - full consultation £50 (checking eyebrow condition, taking and explaining about eyebrow style suits you: sombre or microblading or combo, drawing eyebrow shape, talking about colours, explaining aftercare and treatment procedure, questioning your medical condition & patch test (1h) £50

PLEASE NOTE: A deposit is required £50 after the consultation & patch test if you decided to book a treatment. 

Important to know that 30 days before and after the treatment we do not recommend:


Fruit acids

Chemical peels

Laser treatments 

Exposure to strong sunlight 

Botox or fillers

*Patch test and consultation are required 24h before the treatment.

*Book online patch test and consultation independently or feel free to fill in the form to find out about availability or if you have any questions.

Price list


Thank you very much for submitting! Typically I reply with in 24 hours but if you don't hear from me please check SPAM or just CALL/ TEXT on 07599839514. Speak soon, Alina X

MICROBLADING | before & after

Microblading is a man­ual, semi-per­ma­nent tech­nique of hy­per-re­al­is­tic eye­brow draw­ing in which eye­brow shape is cal­cu­lated ac­cord­ing to face mor­phol­ogy and goldenpro­por­tion (phi 1.618).

Picture before microblading, Alina Aldone Beauty Studio
Microblading in Birch, Maldon Road, Essex
Before permanent makeup, Colchester
Microblading, Colchester Essex
Before microblading, Colchester, Essex
Microblading, PMU, Phi brows Colchester
Before microblading, Colchester


Before microblading, Colchester


Before the microblading, Essex



Before the microblading, Colchester, Essex
After microblading, Colchester, Essex
After microblading, Colchester

after microblading

Microblading at Alina Aldone Beauty studio in Birch
Microblading at Alina Alone Beauty, Colchester



SOMBRE | before & after

Pig­ments are used to achieve very nat­ural 'soft powder' ef­fect. Phi­Som­bre can be de­scribed as a kind of art in Per­ma­nent Make up. This way of shad­ing gives the most nat­ural soft re­sult which re­places a daily make up and saves time for your clients. 

This treatment is for you if you tint eyebrows monthly or pencil every day. Powder brows have a more “filled-in” look, the healed results appear like softly shaded brow pencil or powder.

Before permanent makeup in Colchester


Permanent makeup, Colchester
Before permanent makeup, Colchester
Before Sombre/Ombre brows, Colchester
Before permanent eyebrow makeup, Colchester
Before Sombre, Colchester
Before Sombre/Ombre Brows Colchester
Before permanent makeup PMU
Before PMU Colchester
PMU Brows Colchester, Essex
Sombre/ Ombre permanent eyebrows, Colchester
Shading/Ombre/Sombre permanent brows Colchester
Sombre, PMU at Alina Alone Beauty studio in Colchester, Essex
Phi Sombre Colchester, Essex
Shading, permanent makeup Colchester Essex
PMU Colchester, Essex
Sombre Colchester, Essex
Sombre/shading in Colchester Essex
Permanent makeup, ombre Colchester
Sombre Colchester, Essex

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“Highly recommend Alina! She has done my ombré eyebrows and it’s look great, she’s done amazing job, very welcoming, friendly and professional, premises plenty of free parking. She took time to discuss type of brows I wanted, explained the procedure step by step, created and delivered exactly what I had hoped for. During the process and after care was fab.
Thank you for my lovely new brows, love it !.”


“I got my ombre eyebrows done by Alina recently. Her job was very professional and super detailed. I am really excited about the final results. I highly recommended Alina.”


“I had my eyebrows microbladed with Alina and she totally exceeded my expectations! I had previously had them done elsewhere so she had a tough job masking what was already there but she managed to cover them perfectly. Top quality service for a bargain price! 10/10 would recommend”


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