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Pre-wedding healthy skin plan, one month to go

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I believe that healthy glowing skin depends on our daily skincare routine. I would like to share a few tips in order to obtain perfect makeup for any big day, be it a wedding or other special occasion. You may also want to follow this routine daily for no other reason than to have great skin.

3-4 weeks before the big day: drink plenty of water and eat as healthily as possible, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, because healthy skin starts on the inside.

2 weeks to go: do not try any new products or beauty procedures up to a couple of weeks before your wedding day. You just never know if you might react in some way.

Have a facial treatment – your expert therapist will analyze your skin and tailor make the treatment to restore balance and clarity to your complexion. I would advise booking a pre-facial consultation prior to this.

1 week to go: exfoliate your skin, use hydrating masks and drink plenty of water. A helpful tip is not to drink any liquid the night before after 8 pm, which will reduce puffiness the next day.

3 days to go: have your brows shaped and tinted – if required.

1 day to go: avoid fluids after 8 pm to ensure a smooth complexion on the big day. It's also best to avoid salty foods on the evening before your wedding. As always drink plenty of water and treat your body and skin to nourishing food and positive vibes only. Remember you are what you think!

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